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Test Rubric

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Test Rubric

Post by BlinkySL on Sat Apr 18, 2015 12:05 am

All members must be tested in order to participate in DDA events.
The test will consist of one Match duel along with a 10-question ruling test. The Match will be played in Advanced (Unrated).

Banned Decks: Any alternate win deck; includes but is not limited to: Burn, Mill/Deck Out, Stall, Exodia, Troll, Lock, etc. (your deck must be TCG/OCG format legal).

Match Results
(Tester) vs (Testee)
(Tester's Deck) vs. (Testee's Deck)
Result of the Duel: Testee won: 2-0 (10/10), 2-1 (6/10), Testee lost: 1-2 (4/10), 0-2 (0/10)
Deck Rating Total: ?/45
Main Deck Structure: ?/15 - Does the deck look like it can win duels consistently? Does it fit the standard criteria for a good [____] deck? (Do not mark off points for preferential decisions; subtracting 2 points because someone didn't add in 3x Cardcar D is a big no-no)
Main Deck Synergy: ?/10 - Do the cards support each other well? Ex. i) Are there any notable teched cards that help the deck flow? ii) Does the deck go beyond the standard S/T into some unique, helpful support?
Side Deck: ?/10 - Does the Side Deck look proper for today's Meta? Do the cards in the Side interfere with the Main? (No Side is a 0/10)
Extra Deck: ?/10 - Is the Extra Deck appropriate? Does it cooperate well with the Main? Any extremely unnecessary cards or badly-needed ones?

Match Performance Total: ?/35
Use of Cards: ?/10 - Did the testee utilize his cards properly? Is he comfortable with its effects?
Concentration: ?/10 - List all misplays the testee made here. (-2 per misplay; if the testee makes more than 5 misplays he CAN go into the negatives)
Control of the Duel: ?/10 - Did the testee have a clear dominance throughout the duel? (The Tester sacking a Dark Hole, breaking that control, and winning the duel through one lucky draw does NOT subtract points!)
Siding Skills: ?/5 - Did the testee side in everything he could to hinder the Tester's deck? (If the testee did not Side, he may still earn a 5/5 if no Siding was even necessary; however, lack of a Side Deck will also merit a 0 on this.)

Ruling Test
Ruling Test Score: ?/10
Link to rulings http://testmoz.com/488820

Final Score: ?/100
0-65 places you in Blue-Eyes White
66-85 places you in Red-Eyes Black
86-100 places you in Azure-Eyes Silver

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